Review :: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Detergent Packs

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Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dishwashing Detergent Packs
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Sodium Carbonate
Citric Acid
Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Polyaspartate
Sodium Silicate
Sodium Magnesium Silicate
Sodium Aluminosilicate
Recommending this product is a no-brainer. I feel that it beats out the competition from both eco-friendly and conventional detergents. For this price, with this performance and that formulation - I recommend this wholeheartedly.
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Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dishwasher Detergent Packs is just one of three dozen products made by this company. We’ve previously reviewed their dish soap and their laundry detergent before. While there were many facets of the products that we liked, there were one or two ingredients that raised our eyebrows.

On the plus side – they disclose their ingredients. Unlike the vast majority of manufacturers, they have the courage to say what they put in their products.

This ought to be a given – but it isn’t.

In addition, their products are primarily plant-based. They care a great deal about preserving the environment.  They care about educating the consumer.

By reducing the amount of petrochemicals used in the home, Seventh Generation is on a mission to help the planet in a big way.

Here is what they have to say about their company’s philosophy:

We know that plant-based products can provide the efficacy you are looking for, and that products designed from renewable plant-based ingredients are a more sustainable option than ingredients made from petroleum. We believe that waste, is well… a waste. It’s why we use recycled materials to design our packaging, and why we design our packaging to be recycled. We have a lot of beliefs, but the biggest one is that we have a responsibility to this generation and the next seven. What do you believe? We invite you on our journey to nurture the health of the next seven generations.”

With a great foundation, this company has an edge on other profit-driven industry competitors in my opinion. They are not simply full of empty rhetoric either. Seventh Generation products are consistently highly rated on the Environmental Working Group’s Website ewg.org ,a USDA Certified Bio-based product, and they have been champions for transforming the way we think about cleaning products.

The Product – At First Glance

This packaging is very similar to other products made by Seventh Generation. I like this because it makes it easy to spot at the market, and I know it’s a trusted brand.

The ingredients were easy to find. The packaging also proudly shows a USDA biobased certification and no animal testing standards as well.

Okay, so what about the product?

I have tried other eco-friendly dishwashing detergents in the past, and they were subpar at best. Honestly, I have tried just about every detergent out there to get those spot-free results.

My water is super calcium-rich and HARD.

We have a water purification system in place, but I still cringe every time I open up the washer and find a film or spots on all of my dishes.

That was until I tried Seventh Generation Dish Detergent.


This product is the holy grail of dish detergents in my opinion. I used it on plastics. I used it on stainless steel. I used it on wine glasses. I even used it on a Waterford crystal vase! (I know I should have hand washed this…kids, job, life, etc.)

This stuff worked like a champ on it all. It cut through hard, stuck-on food. It disintegrated the oily residue that was left over from one of my kiddo’s slime experiments. It even got rid of the milky film on my cheap plastic leftovers container. I was amazed.

Zero spots on my glassware and plastics.

There were a few spots visible on my flatware and pasta pot, but these results are truly the best I have ever had with my current water supply.

The directions on the packaging stated that for best results, silver, aluminum and stainless steel should be washed separately from other materials in order to avoid discoloration. I did this for the most part, but there were a few plastic items that got thrown in the mix.

I must also note that I typically add Lemi Shine to my wash loads to decrease spots. I did not in this case so that I could get accurate results. My dishes came out cleaner than when I have used other detergents paired with the additive.

Job well done!

So are there any drawbacks?

Like the dish soap and the laundry detergent, the product isn’t entirely plant-based.  There are synthetic cleaning agents in this product such as ppg-10-laureth-7 – an ingredient that could be contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane when manufactured.

What else is in the product?

I absolutely loved this formulation.

It’ a bio detergent with cleaning enzymes such as protease and amylase added.

The other cleaning agents are perfectly natural too e.g. sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, and sodium silicate. All good!

The sodium silicate is an anti-spotting agent, and it rocks! The citric acid and sodium aluminosilicate are plant-derived water softeners; every little bit helps!

Everything else just simply cleans and leaves your dishes smelling fresh.

No extra nonsense.


Recommending this product is a no-brainer in my opinion. I feel that it beats out the competition from both eco-friendly and conventional detergents.

For this price, with this performance and that formulation – I recommend this wholeheartedly.

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