A few years ago I suffered a reaction to a laundry detergent. I suffer from eczema and have pretty sensitive skin anyway, but wanted to find out what ingredient in this detergent caused this allergic reaction. I was astonished to read the label and find no ingredients. Just vague references to ionic surfactants, preservatives and bleaching agents.

How could this be?

After reading up on the subject and realizing that manufacturers have no legal obligation to disclose the ingredients in cleaning products. Cleaning products can cause asthma, allergies, cancer, hormone disruptors and who knows what else. There are potentially unwanted environmental impacts of using particular products. But the manufacturers are not obliged to tell you what ingredients they in your cleaning products.

I decided to start this site.

The purpose of Safe Household Cleaning is to provide you with the most comprehensive information available on cleaning products. It’s the least we deserve.

We will only review cleaning products where the manufacturers have disclosed all the ingredients. We will disclose the ingredients. We will research the ingredients. We will test how well the product cleans. We will give our impartial opinion on the quality of the product.

We will give you the knowledge you need to choose the best, gentlest cleaning products on the market today.

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